We endeavor to honor the virtuous circle between doing well as an enterprise and doing good in the world.



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Created in Bolgatanga, Ghana with cooperatives reaching 12 villages & more than 5,000 women weavers

The artisan weavers work independently in a creative process to create their unique patterns and designs.

They receive fair wages in return for their handiwork.

The weavers craft the baskets in their own homes, and we collect the baskets once they are completed.

Flexibility to work at a pace that is convenient for her, her farm, family, & social community duties.

10% of the sales from our co-operatives are given back to our communities to fund projects where our artisans live and work

Today we are the ancestors of tomorrow.

  • Handwoven in different colors and can be used in many ways, handmade and uniquely crafted. Through our handcrafted products we bridge cultures, empower communities, and honor our heritage, while shaping a brighter future for generations to come. From sourcing our ingredients to the hands of our cherished customers.
  • 34 communities located in 14 villages in districts of the Upper East Region are involved.
  • 188 groups with a total weaver population of 5,000+ who produce our legacy products, using wild-harvested Elephant Grass.
  • We are the only Fair Trade Certified grass baskets in Western Africa.
  • Upcycled materials, 100% African, directly traded.


Shoulder bags are used traditionally in West Africa to hold coins awarded to ceremonial dancers.  Ayèya shoulder baskets are made from Savannah grass and can be used Daily or on a Vacation. It is easy to match with any casual clothing or summer beachwear, including long dresses, jeans, jumpsuits, swimwear, and swimsuit wraps for bikinis, etc.

Who Are We: 

Ayéya means “life in balance,” and was born out of a desire to empower. We endeavor to honor the virtuous circle between doing well as an enterprise & doing good in the world. Our deep connectivity and roots within West African communities allow us to provide meaningful employment while adding value to the local economies by sourcing local ingredients and materials, preserving cultural knowledge, and bringing joy to life through beautiful and ethically crafted goods.


What We Do:

We empower women to create high-quality and ecologically responsible goods using traditional West African methods. We honor the generational knowledge of our 5,000+ co-operative members, which enables Ayéya to bring artisan, handmade, and ethically crafted goods to a global community. Our artisans receive beyond Fair Trade wages in exchange for their cultural wisdom & expertise. 


Why We Do It:

Community is at the heart of Ayéya’s existence. Supporting women with sustainable wages helps to break the cycles of economic injustice and gender inequality and is an important part of enabling our cooperatives and communities to thrive. 

In addition, 10% of the sales from our co-operatives are given back to our communities to fund projects where our artisans live and work. 

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