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Neem Oil

AYEYA Neem Oil cold pressed from the seeds of the Neem tree (Azadirachta indica) sustainably harvested from naturalized wild trees in Ghana and Togo. Neem Oil is unique in containing a high fractin of nonlipid phytochemical compounds as well as organic sulphur compounds imparting a pungent and distinctive odor

Item Number 112NEEMOIL
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 liters / m

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Neem Oil

Minimum Order Quantity

100 liters / m

ABOUT The Product

Appearance: Semi Solid Dark Brown-Greenish Oil
Odor: Strong Characteristic Odor
Country of Origin: Togo


This product is produced under safe conditions in compliance with social and environmental rules by authorized suppliers using voluntary labor.

This product is sourced from a country which complies with the Nagoya protocol and is not endangered according to the Access/Benefit Sharing (Biodiversity) regulation.


This product does not contain any animal ingredient. There is no contamination of any animal parts during any stage of production, packing and delivery. The product has never been tested on animals, as it is and has always been strict company policy not to test products on animals in any form.


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Additional information

Use in Cosmetics

Ayeya Unrefined Neem Oil is used as a hair tonic and it has also a helping effect on various skin and scalp conditions. The sulphur containing components are believed to be the remedial principle. The oil is also used as a general antiseptic, insectide (pesticide) and insect repellant. The bitter components appear to be responsible for these beneficial effects


What is Fair Trade?
All too often farmers and producers in economically disadvantaged countries are exploited and paid absurdly low wages. Fair trade certification means they receive a greater percentage of the price paid by consumers. For example, Ayéya pays 15-25% above market price for shea nuts. Cooperative members also receive a salary more than 3x the average family income in Togo.