All of our ethically sourced ingredients are currently available in bulk quantities shipped directly from West Africa.
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A few dried Baobab leaves next to a glass beaker half full of Baobab oil | Ayéya

Baobab Oil

AYEYA Baobab Oil is manually pressed from sustainably harvested seeds of wild Baobab trees. It is a light golden, unrefined oil with a characteristic nutty aroma.
A small clear glass bottle full of yellow Melon Seed Oil | Ayéya

Melon Seed Oil

AYEYA Melon Seed Oil is cold-pressed from seeds of the Egusi Watermelon grown under organic conditions by women farmers in West Africa. It is filtered but not refined, so the light, golden yellow oil retains its full phytochemical profile.
A top down view of a spoon sitting next to a beaker full of Neem Oil | Ayéya

Neem Oil

AYEYA Neem Oil cold pressed from the seeds of the Neem tree (Azadirachta indica) sustainably harvested from naturalized wild trees in Ghana and Togo. Neem Oil is unique in containing a high fractin of nonlipid phytochemical compounds as well as organic sulphur compounds imparting a pungent and distinctive odor
A close up view of a small puddle of red palm oil | Ayéya

Red Palm Oil

AYEYA Red Palm oil is 100% sustainable, unrefined and non-hydrogenated oil. It is extracted by hand from the fresh fruits of the oil palm Elaeis Guineensis, grown on small farms in West Africa. It has an intense reddish color.
A dropper of light yellow sesame oil next to a glass bottle of sesame oil | Ayéya

Sesame Oil

AYEYA Sesame Oil is cold pressed from the unroasted seeds of the plant Sesamum indicum. The oil is not refined, retaining its natural vitamin A and E content. Due to its high content of natural antioxidants, the oil is very stable.
A small wooden bowl full of coconut oil sitting next to a whole coconut | Ayéya

Virgin Coconut Oil

AYEYA Coconut oil is fermentation extracted by certified Fair for Life fair trade women's cooperatives in Ghana, West Africa. Fermentation extracting results in a softer, more aromatic coconut oil.