Learn more about our impact in the various regions of Togo and Ghana. Our Mission has brought is in contact with so many amazing people, traditions, etc. This resource is our humble way of shedding light on the communities we have been fortunate enough to work in.

How to reshape your Ayéya Basket

1. Unfold your basket Use your hands to push the basket from the inside back into its original shape 2. Dampen your basket Spray the basket with water. Take care to avoid the leather straps. Avoid oversaturating as this may cause the natural colors to bleed. 3. Reshape the basket

Ayéya Basket Types

Our beautiful handmade African baskets are each uniquely designed by women from our cooperatives in Bolgatanga, Ghana. Each basket includes a leather tag with the weaver’s name inside. For this reason, their sizes, colors, and patterns will vary. Baskets can be reshaped The artisan weavers work independently in a creative

Women sitting | Ayéya


Ayéya was created by Olowo-n’djo Tchala, the founder of the ethical body care brand, Alaffia. In October 2022, Alaffia streamlined her US operations such that her sister organization, Ayéya, will take over the products that are made from start to finish in West Africa. This includes all baskets, textile products and traditional black soap.